Introducing Juan Alvarez, Group Assistant Treasurer

Ecobat | July 6, 2022

Ecobat is excited to welcome Group Assistant Treasurer, Juan Alvarez, to the team. Juan will assist with all treasury functions, including forecasting, reporting and management, as well as budget planning, collateral management, and managing banking relationships.

Juan has over 20 years of experience in international treasury and FP&A functions. He is a member of the Professional Council of Economic Science of Buenos Aires City. Juan holds multiple degrees, with a Masters of Finance Assets Administration from ESEADE in Buenos Aires and a Masters of Business Administration – Major Accountancy from Universidad Nacional de Lujan. Before joining us at Ecobat, Juan led multiple efforts at Exxon Mobil Corporation to improve various banking processes, resulting in the successful automation of 95% of bulk file payments and reduction in the processing time of banking fees reviewal by 90%. We are pleased to have him on the team.