Sustainability Report

Message from the CEO

Ecobat’s core business model positions us as a global sustainability leader. With operations throughout Europe, the United States, and Southern Africa, we lead battery collection, recycling, production and distribution, with expanding operations into lithium battery recycling management. Through our innovative processes, we are also enabling the production of energy storage solutions that is essential in driving a sustainable economy.

Worldwide, lead batteries are the single most recycled consumer product, achieving a 99% recycle rate of components. Lead battery recycling is efficient and demonstrates the power and possibility of a circular economy.

The transportation, medical, telecommunications, and agriculture sectors are just a few examples of industries that currently benefit from lead recycling. It is a critical solution for our growing social needs, supporting the global transition to a low-carbon emission model. In addition, our work enables a reduced carbon footprint in the full life cycle of lead products by decreasing the need for energy-intensive mining extraction.

Ecobat’s strategy includes scaling our lithium-ion battery recycling operations through our facilities in the US and Europe. Our operations remain focused on sustainable processes and practices for the safe, effective handling of heavy metals to protect our workforce and local communities.

In 2022, Ecobat faced many macroeconomic headwinds, globally and industry-wide, which impacted our overall performance. Despite concerns over the European energy crisis, global inflation, increasing lead prices, and ongoing recession fears, Ecobat remained committed to facing these challenges. With our 2022 results, we celebrated record safety performance, record lead production, positioned our lithium business for continued rapid growth, and remained committed to acting as “One Ecobat.”

We are moving forward with the understanding that companies today must provide not only economic value but also environmental and social value. We will continue to make a positive difference for our stakeholders and protect our people and the environment.

Ecobat’s long-term approach includes setting targets and taking actionable steps that address global sustainability challenges. Driven by our vision to be a sustainable supplier of innovation-based solutions that create value for our stakeholders, we consistently reflect on opportunities to improve our strategy and operations through innovation and product development. Simultaneously, we must be responsible stewards of the environment and foster a diverse and inclusive workplace. Please join me in meeting these challenges.

Marcus Randolph
Chief Executive Officer

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