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Every day across all parts of society, the products at the core of our business improve lives and power a more connected, sustainable world. When you work with us, you’re part of making it happen.

Ecobat is a leader in the collection, recycling, production, and distribution of resources essential to modern life. From the batteries used in vehicles and renewable energy infrastructure to the backup power systems that support hospitals and data centers, the products we recycle and produce are essential to meeting global energy needs. Without us, the world would be missing a significant portion of the batteries that make so much possible. 

As the world leader in battery recycling and lead production, we are committed to responsibly managing these vital resources through a closed-loop supply chain. We leverage cutting-edge technologies and our network of facilities and service providers to develop innovative products that meet the ever-growing demand for more efficient and reliable energy storage solutions.

We’re even driving lithium-ion and battery technologies into the future. Lithium has a role in the development of clean energy, particularly as a power source for electric vehicles, and we’ve been highly active in the development of advanced technologies and processes for recycling and resource recovery for Lithium-ion and other battery chemistries. We are the only European provider of collection, discharge and diagnostics, dismantling and crushing/sorting capabilities, helping to support this important energy storage solution safely and in compliance with global standards.

Manon Kebodeaux, Chief Human Resources Officer
“The combined efforts of our team members truly has an impact on our world today. Our products and services connect and sustain virtually every aspect of modern life.”
Manon Kebodeaux
Chief Human Resources Officer

We do all of this with an overarching commitment to protecting our team members’ health and safety, the environment, and the communities in which we live and work. Our new leadership team is dedicated to meeting the needs of customers and communities everywhere with the well-being of our planet and our shared future always top of mind.

Ecobat recognizes the potential of the lead industry to deliver energy to so many with innovative and sustainable practices. Every Ecobat employee helps to support recycling and sustainability, while driving a global economy that benefits people around the world.

Now is the perfect time to follow your passion to meaningful work in a place where open dialogues are welcomed and empowerment is encouraged. On-the-job training, certifications, tuition reimbursement, advancement opportunities, and competitive compensation all come with the territory.

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