Our Locations

Local presence, international impact.

Our operations extend throughout Europe, the United States, and Southern Africa, creating a vast network that powers industries worldwide. We have 14 smelting facilities, three lithium-focused facilities, a collection truck fleet, and 65,000 battery collection points, offering seamless service for battery collection and recycling. Explore our locations and services below.

Ecobat Resources Braubach

Ecobat Resources Braubach was founded in the 17th century, and is a secondary lead smelter and leading producer of high-quality polypropylene compounds made from secondary materials.

Emser Straße 11
56338 Braubach, Germany
T: +49 2627 981-0

Ecobat Resources California

Ecobat Resources California’s recycling facility was established in 1959. Approximately 10 million batteries are recycled at this location annually, producing 120,000 tons of recycled lead for use in new products.

720 S 7th Ave
City of Industry, CA 91746
United States
T: 626.937.3201
F: 626.937.3294

Ecobat Resources Cape Town

Ecobat Resources Cape Town is a specialist supplier of sealing solutions, with over 70 years of service and manufacturing experience. This facility is a leading manufacturer and converter of closed cell Performance Foams and related products for all industries needing technical solutions for sealing, thermal and acoustic insulation, protection, packaging and buoyancy applications.

62 Junction Street
8000 Parow Industria, Cape Town South Africa
T: 021 959 5900/69

Ecobat Resources Durban

Ecobat Resources Durban is a leading manufacturer and supplier of lead and non-lead based products – for markets such as PVC, mining, explosives, battery and chemical industries world-wide. This facility provides superior quality, excellent service, innovative ideas and competitive prices as well as individually tailored products and services to suit specific customer requirements.

245 Lansdowne Road
4052 Jacobs, Durban South Africa
T: 27 31 468 1561

Ecobat Resources Freiberg

Ecobat Resources Freiberg was founded as a smelter in the 14th century. This facility recycles up to 75,000 tonnes of battery scraps to produce approximately 55,000 tonnes of lead and lead alloys annually, including tin and antimony master alloys. Alongside its secondary lead, polypropylene compounds, hazardous waste disposal and recycling services, this location also produces 5,000 tonnes of sodium sulphate per year which is sold to the glass and detergent industry.

Muldenhuetten 25
09599 Freiberg, Germany
T: +49 3731 3670

Ecobat Resources Germany

Ecobat Resources Germany is a leader in the production of lead and lead alloys, silver as well as polypropylene compounds. This facility coordinates the collection, delivery, distribution and treatment of batteries, raw materials, secondary raw materials and waste.

Emser Straße 11
56338 Braubach, Germany
T: +49 2627 983-0


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