Testing Services
Testing Services

Putting lead to the test.

Ecobat Solutions maintains a central laboratory in Dallas, Texas, with capabilities that support Pb operations worldwide. Using our extensive library of analytical techniques and standards, our expertise helps in a number of diverse areas, including environment, hygiene, and process and product issues across the industry. 

Our facility maintains accreditation for:

  • Environmental for air/ISO 17025 for metals in air
  • Wastewater for the New York Environmental Laboratory and California Environmental Laboratory
  • Lead (Pb) in blood for the American Industrial Hygiene Association, Texas CLIA, and New York Department of Health
  • ISO 17025 for Pb-based materials

Our facility also maintains full capability for metallurgical testing including: 

  • Analytical chemistry (ICP)
  • Electron microscopy (w/XRF)
  • X-ray diffraction
  • Electro-chemical evaluation and testing

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